19 days

So now that the sweater is off the needles I want to cast on everything! Also, I need to start several Christmas projects. I started some socks for my mom in worsted weight – I’m not crazy enough to try for a full pair of fingering weight socks at this late stage in the game.

Behold my very comprehensive swatch – 3 needle sizes!

I’ve also swatched for a hat for my husband. And I have bought at least 3 patterns recently that I am dying to make for myself. One of these is this hat pattern by Hunter Hammersen, and I can’t help myself! I need to cast it on.

This photo is Hunter’s but I wish the hat was mine.

She’s running a giveaway this week here, and she also has a sale going on her pattern.

It’s been rainy here recently. Rainy and cold (it’s not like it’s the beginning of winter or anything). The other day I finished spinning some grey alpaca (maybe?). I used a new (to me) plying technique – Navajo ply. I mostly like how it turned out, but toward the end I had problems with yarn management, so I have some thick and thin areas. Overall, though, I’m very pleased. The yarn is mostly more consistent than the first yarn I spun on my wheel. I can tell I’ve made progress.



If you follow me on Instagram (@dramaticlyric) you will have seen that I’ve been doing some sewing recently. It all started a few weeks ago when I was wandering the aisles of Barnes and Noble and a sewing book caught my eye. Now this was not just any sewing book, this was Alabama Studio Sewing + Design by Natalie Chanin. Most sewing books are about sewing woven fabrics with a machine. This book is about handsewing knitted jersey. My sewing machine is on the blink, and I actually prefer handsewing anyway, so the book caught my interest (also, I had read about Alabama Chanin on Mason Dixon Knitting). I read through it a few times, then pulled out some fabric and thread. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

A very basic but fitted dress out of grey…stuff (the fabric was given to me, so I’ve no idea what the fiber content is). I had just enough to make the dress – I even had to piece it in a few places. This dress is great on its own or as a layering piece, meaning I can wear it year-round. Perfect!


This next project is something I started in high school, but had not yet finished. A sleeveless vest with tatted lace in the back. All I needed to do was finish the arm holes.


My friend has a horse, so here are some gratuitous horse pictures (also showing my recently finished Perry cardigan).


It’s done.

Let me say that again. IT’S DONE!!!!! The sweater that has been lurking at me for 5 stinking months. Is. Done!!

On Friday I finished the body.

Saturday I washed and blocked the thing.

Sunday was a day for sewing up. And boy did I get a lot done. My first ever set in sleeves! (I’m really glad I knit the body all in one piece, or there would have been even more sewing to do) Here you see my progress as the day went on.

I bought buttons.

And then I faced the reality of the button bands. I’ve never done button bands before. I hate them. The pattern suggests picking up around 460 stitches. Each row takes me half an hour! At least there are only 4 rows and a cast off.


How is it that the finishing takes so much time?


Since this is a gift I embroidered a tag.


Tadah! All done!!


Pattern: Perry by Michelle Wang

Yarn: Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Rainforest Heather

Needles: US 5, 8, 9

While we were away

This Thanksgiving my husband and I visited his family (who are also my family now. Very strange). The day was filled with food, family, and fun. I was also pleased to see many interesting textiles while we were away.

Sage advice given by a cross-stitcher. 
This pillow is decorated exclusively with French Knots. I need to up my game. 
A gorgeous hand-stitched quilt. 
And here is my own small contribution: a tatted bookmark.


There are a lot of things going wrong in the world in so many ways. I can’t do much about most of these things, but I can try to shine light in my own corner of the world.

10 things I’m thankful for:

  1. my husband
  2. my family
  3. knitting! It keeps me sane.
  4. friends
  5. a job that, while not ideal, allows me to pay my bills
  6. yummy food
  7. a roof over my head
  8. not living in a war zone
  9. good health
  10. the knitting community, both in person and online



The last few years have been a period of change for me. Change is seldom comfortable. So while some great things have happened in the last few years (like moving out on my own and then getting married), it has also been a challenging time. I’ve cried a lot. What do you do when you’re between versions of yourself? How do you act when the rules you had written to guide your behaviour don’t apply anymore?

At the time I met my husband I was starting to feel uncomfortable with who I was. Some people will think I changed who I was for him, but nothing could be further from the truth. One of the things I love most about him is that he always accepts me for who I am at any given time, but without limiting me to be only that person. He has given me the room and the strength to grow. And for that I will be forever grateful.

Change is hard, but it is a sign of life. So I’m glad for the opportunity to change. I look forward to who I am becoming.

Coming Soon…

My husband and I wrote a few funny vows for our wedding. Predictably, one of mine was that I promised to knit for him…whether he liked it or not. When we went yarn shopping on our honeymoon I convinced him to pick out some yarn. At least that way he would be sure to like the colours. He chose Zauberball (smart man). I’m planning to knit him a hat. After careful consultation this is the pattern we came up with. Lots of plain old boring ribbing. And not even interesting decreases (believe me, I tried). So watch this space. A hat is coming soon.


Also, look at this amazing project I got from Good Stuff Crafts! I love Doctor Who, as you know, and I have wanted this Exploding Tardis print for quite a while. My current wallspace is rather limited, so a project bag is the perfect application! This bag holds 2 yarn cakes in the bottom with room for 2 more above and/or your project.