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I’m back! The wedding went extremely well. It was beautiful and not too big, and it was just so lovely to be surrounded by the people we love as we started our lives together. We spent our honeymoon at Universal Studios in Orlando,  and let me tell you, it was an adventure! If you haven’t been, you should go – especially if you are a Harry Potter fan! The Harry Potter sections of the parks are simply magical. 

As for the name of this post, my new last name is Mayo. 

Family photo

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More wedding things

Because I am me and I love making things by hand…

A wedding garter in garter stitch. I love the irony. I love the simplicity. I wonder if garter stitch got its name from garters? Also, my “something blue” (it is a little brighter in real life).

And a wee wedding wristlet, just big enough to hold my phone and listick. I am very proud of this: I made it 2 layers thick so there are no edges showing on the inside, and my topstitiching is all on the outer layer (well, except for a few rogue stitches). So my inner layer is remarkably clean and makes my little crafty heart beat with joy and pride.


“You should sell that”

Ever heard this before? If your experience is anything like mine you hear it a lot. From friends, family, even strangers. People find out you make things and their first suggestion is, “You could make money doing that.” This bothers a lot of crafters. It bothers me, too, depending on who it comes from. If a close friend or a family member suggests selling my work I am likely to explain to them that I don’t want to and that if I did want to sell things I wouldn’t make even minimum wage. People aren’t willing to pay you for your time.

But if a stranger comments, I usually let it go with a simple “Thank you.” I think what they are trying to say is, “If you sold that I would buy it.” And I do appreciate that sentiment.